Pizazz as a kitten

Pizazz as a kitten

A lady came into the pet store where I was working and mentioned to the groomer that she had found kittens under her house. The groomer, Jamie could cleary see that the lady really didn’t care for cats. So I made arangements to meet the lady at Walmart and pick out a kitten. When the lady got there, she just had this one. Happy to take her, I went back to the pet store to get suppies. The little kitten hissed right in Jamie’s face, it was then we should have known she would be a tough girl.

Pizazz grew up to be Emma’s companion and respected her over any of the other cats. Plus Pizazz likes the dog.

Pizazz published in 24/7 Webshot's book

Pizazz ublished in 24/7 Webshot's book

Pizazz got a photo published in a book by Webshots, called Cats 24/7. That started a whole series of my cat’s being all over the internet. Pizazz has also been on Cute with Chris for her work in Aht.

Pizazz on Cute w Chris

Pizazz on Cute w Chris

You see Pizazz is a little angry. She hates Lulu and Pearl unless it’s treat time and will hunt them down at night. So I keep the other cats locked up with me at night. She’s wierd in that if you go to pet her with one arm extended, your going to loose that arm. But if you go and wrap your arms around her and put your face close, she will purr and lick happily.

Pearl has learned to fight Pizazz back, but them Lulu will go running after Pizazz with a look on her face like she is annoyed with her bad behavior.

Pizazz is about 10 lbs, around 7 years old and has a strong buff build with powerful claws.

I’m not the best speller in the world and so her name is spelled “Pizazz” instead of “pizzaz” which is great because it’s easier to find on the internet. Look up “pizazz cat” on Youtube and it will take you to all my videos. Also makes it easier to find her photos on Webshots and other places.


  1. Such a sweet story!! I love storys that have happy endings for adopted pets!


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