Posted by: motorpurrr | October 13, 2017

The Noise That Hears Us

Here is a quick story for Halloween time

glow eyes
Ma has installed some solar motion lights outside that go down the sides of the house and outside the bedroom facing the chicken pen and the side of it. Ma gets jumpy about things out there especially after something got in with the chickens last year and scared them and all of us real good.
Last night after everyone got in bed, lights out and almost sleeping. Ma thinks she hears something right outside like a cat or bird, but feral Lenny is inside. It was more of a faint whimper like a puppy or hurt dog. Then ma gets up and looks around. A couple of the motion lights go on but we cant see anything. The sound had stopped.

This goes on a few times.

Ma lays back down… Then the noise starts again only it’s right under the window on her side. There is a blind spot there where light doesn’t get too. Freaking out her flash light is low on energy and it wont shine down thru the screen. She goes to get new batteries but they are the wrong size. When she gets back another motion light has gone on but we don’t see anything. She watches us cats to see where we are looking. Nothing. The sound starts again. Ma goes “what the***” Pa wakes up! She says something is out there like a hurt dog or fox. Waiting for a minute to listen… then the sound again but over by the chickens.
She grabs Pa and her pants and shoes to go see what they can find. Ma grabs 3 flashlights because they are all weak. They look all around and there is nothing.
So Ma figures it must just be an owl since the whimpering seems to have a pattern to it and they forgot to check the trees. It must be right outside the bedroom and can see and hear us because the noise stops every time any one talks or moves.
Ma finally sleeps a little, but meanwhile Pa got up and looked up “owls that sound like crying dogs” and found nothing. And he also looked around outside again with out any luck.
Again Ma wakes up to the noise and they both go out to look again remembering that Pa had seen Chichi earlier that day and maybe she is stuck somewhere. That must be it??
Finally Pa spots her eyes glowing in the dark over by her house. (but do dog’s eyes glow in the dark?) Hopefully Chichi is not hurt. So crazy that she is allowed out all night. She might weigh 5 pounds.
Then ma realized that she hasn’t put cat food out for a couple days. The feral cat comes inside now, and the other feral shaggy cat died. She hadn’t seen Chichi in months. That must be what was up, the little dog was sad because there was nothing to eat. Not even bread left in the chicken run.
Now some food is out in the covered food box. We will see…
Chichi is a very small and very old chihuahua that lives a kitty corner from us. She is super hungry all the time. She always gets under the fences to anywhere she wants to go. So she goes under their fence, across the yard behind us, then under another fence to a house next to us, down thru their yard then back under the wood fence to our yard and under the chickens run fence if needed. They don’t seem to mind her. Chichi is not her name, we just cant remember her real name, they told us once.


  1. What a story! Yes, dogs’ eyes do shine in the dark if our dogs are anything to go by. Though not as much as cats’ eyes. That’s quite a trip little Chichi makes to get to your yard. Do you have any dogs, Pearl? I think all dogs are hungry all the time. Ours sure are. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

  2. blessings to all your animals

    tell MA to get new batteries for the flashlights 🙂

    • A trip to Costco would help. We use so many batteries.

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