Lulu Bell

Lulu Bell as a kitten

Lulu Bell as a kitten

Lulu encouraged us to keep Pearl. Pearl has been Lulu’s best Friend ever since.

Pearl with Lulu Bell

Pearl with Lulu Bell

We got Lulu at a time when my cat Emma was getting older and I wanted Pizazz to have a companion closer to her age. I had just missed getting a kitten that was brought in to the pet store where I used to work. My friend felt bad for not thinking of me and found Lulu thru Craig’s list.

The kitten was raised around kids, so she is very gentle. She has never left a scratch on us. She is always careful with her claws.

She’s a super entertaining cat with funny habbits, like collecting bottle caps and sleeping in twisted arangements.

When someone is hurt, ill or there was a fight, she is there being concerned. When my old cat was sick, her and Pearl were there lending support. Lulu wouldn’t hurt anything except a fly.

Lulu’s Spay story

We had gotten caught up in stuff, and were behind in getting Lulu spayed. Then she kept going into heat. We were worried about getting her spayed while she was in heat, but there seemed to be no break in it, and it was very hard on her.

Finally we took her in when she was about 9 months old.

They had some complications with her surgury. I had to go to work when she was to come home, so Jim picked her up. When I got home, Jim was upset and Lulu was running around with a cone around her head.

He insisted that I check her belly.

I was terrified to see a 6 inch long stitching with what looked like her guts leaking through. I was freaking out! So Jim called the vet, luckily they were still there and would take us in.

Then they stitched her up very neatly with a small line of stitches, but she still had to wear a cone because whe wouldn’t leave it alone. The vet said the problem was that one of her ovaries was clear up by her rib cage and they had trouble finding it.

Lulu on LoLcats

Lulu on LoLcats

Lulu grew up to be a big cat at around 13 lbs. We just call her “bit Bit” because when she is feeling passionate she will do a gentle bite on the chin or tip of the nose.

Another interesting thing is that she growls when evern someone comes to the door. She also like to be held in our arms on her back where she stretches out and looks like an upside-down Superman


  1. love your blog. it’s so cute!!!

    annie! [who is deadturkeytweet on twitter]

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