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The Noise That Hears Us

Here is a quick story for Halloween time

glow eyes
Ma has installed some solar motion lights outside that go down the sides of the house and outside the bedroom facing the chicken pen and the side of it. Ma gets jumpy about things out there especially after something got in with the chickens last year and scared them and all of us real good.
Last night after everyone got in bed, lights out and almost sleeping. Ma thinks she hears something right outside like a cat or bird, but feral Lenny is inside. It was more of a faint whimper like a puppy or hurt dog. Then ma gets up and looks around. A couple of the motion lights go on but we cant see anything. The sound had stopped.

This goes on a few times.

Ma lays back down… Then the noise starts again only it’s right under the window on her side. There is a blind spot there where light doesn’t get too. Freaking out her flash light is low on energy and it wont shine down thru the screen. She goes to get new batteries but they are the wrong size. When she gets back another motion light has gone on but we don’t see anything. She watches us cats to see where we are looking. Nothing. The sound starts again. Ma goes “what the***” Pa wakes up! She says something is out there like a hurt dog or fox. Waiting for a minute to listen… then the sound again but over by the chickens.
She grabs Pa and her pants and shoes to go see what they can find. Ma grabs 3 flashlights because they are all weak. They look all around and there is nothing.
So Ma figures it must just be an owl since the whimpering seems to have a pattern to it and they forgot to check the trees. It must be right outside the bedroom and can see and hear us because the noise stops every time any one talks or moves.
Ma finally sleeps a little, but meanwhile Pa got up and looked up “owls that sound like crying dogs” and found nothing. And he also looked around outside again with out any luck.
Again Ma wakes up to the noise and they both go out to look again remembering that Pa had seen Chichi earlier that day and maybe she is stuck somewhere. That must be it??
Finally Pa spots her eyes glowing in the dark over by her house. (but do dog’s eyes glow in the dark?) Hopefully Chichi is not hurt. So crazy that she is allowed out all night. She might weigh 5 pounds.
Then ma realized that she hasn’t put cat food out for a couple days. The feral cat comes inside now, and the other feral shaggy cat died. She hadn’t seen Chichi in months. That must be what was up, the little dog was sad because there was nothing to eat. Not even bread left in the chicken run.
Now some food is out in the covered food box. We will see…
Chichi is a very small and very old chihuahua that lives a kitty corner from us. She is super hungry all the time. She always gets under the fences to anywhere she wants to go. So she goes under their fence, across the yard behind us, then under another fence to a house next to us, down thru their yard then back under the wood fence to our yard and under the chickens run fence if needed. They don’t seem to mind her. Chichi is not her name, we just cant remember her real name, they told us once.

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In Memory of Ion

IMG_0440At a seemingly young age of 9 we lost our Ion kitty to some thing called Idiopathic Chylothorax. Fluid build up around the lungs. Why that happened, we never found out after many various tests. It must have been something very bad inside since it took him… in only 3 weeks time. So shocked that it has taken me 3 weeks to get to this. One thing is for sure if, your cat is not breathing well, it is serious and quite possibly dire. The looks on the vet’s faces say it all.

baby ion

About our fancy guy, Ion:

He was about 16 lbs with medium long fur. Luckily he was part Maine Coon which seemed to make him easy to brush and very few matts. He loved being brushed and loved any attention from his humans. When petted, Ion’s tail could touch the back of his head. He also had extra toes just like Tiny Pearl.

Even though we could not hear him purrr, he was purring, but the only way to tell was to feel his chest.

ion sits

He was so hard to get a good photo of, but in the sun his fur was dark blue.

We are missing him so much. Those little things he did and the spaces where he always hung out are empty.

Like a lot of male cats, he had to be pearched up high, so at breakfast time he would eat up on the counter. He loved a little water mushed up in his food and after he had licked up a bunch of it, a little more watter was added and mushed in. Mama’s boy! In his last days he had to be lifted up, and he came to eat every time anyone went to the kitchen.

He also had a spot when it was treat time. Like circus tigers, each of the kitties have a perch they jump up to for treats. Now his perch goes unused.


We also got one of those laser toys that goes on its own for a few minutes. He loved that toy so much. He would come running as soon as it was switched on. He would never tire of the laser or catnip process time.

It will be hard when we need to grind catnip in the blender when it dries. His favorite thing. He would play with the sticks and like a child licking cake mix, Ion would stick his whole head in the blender jar and lick the dust off the sides getting dust all over his head.

ion blend

So quiet here now. Ion loved to get the zooms. The bad part is that he was a total clutz and often knocked things over and busted stuff up. In the middle of the night if we heard a crash, we know it was just Ion.

Ion was always there after the humans got out of the shower. Not sure why. We also cant leave any tissue paper out or on a roller, it is kept in a nearby cabinet or behinds some bottles of stuff. If a roll got left out, he would get it. He could silently shred a roll in seconds.


Originally we got Ion as a play pal for the dog when they were both young so they could grow up together. A few days before Ion passed, Cosmo went and sat with him.


We miss our big huggable Ion.


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I cant believe we didn’t do a post about the chickens.

They are already 4 years old!

We got 4 chicks and kept them inside till they were big enough to go in the pen that we got on sale.


chicks 3 weeks

2 light Brahma’s, Sara and  Amanda

and 2 Easter Eggers(Ameraucana), Blondie and Robin.

They started out with a pen and truck that could be moved around to different patches of the yard. It was too heavy and we really dont have enough yard. The pen seemed too small and wasn’t built with a decent egg laying place.

I built a nice pen with removable bins for eggs, lots of room and perches, vents and lighting. It connects to the truck run I had already made and we found a nice spot for it under a tree where it could be cool in the winter and electric can be hooked up.

chicken pen

For fresh space we have tunnels made from hard fencing that they can zoom thru to one of 4 big areas for to dig around in. And also we have a puppy pen that can be put up anywhere and add the tunnels to it.  So any direction and distance needed to fresh grass if there is any.


4 chicken eggs tiny

They were laying so many eggs that I gave many away to friends. No they don’t lay anymore, so they are just someone to talk to and care for outside.

Sadly we lost Robin to Merek’s disease about 2 months ago. She was the best one, always layed and she was the leader. After she was gone the others didn’t know what to do. I had to help them to bed and they would sleep till 10 am. Even now I still have to get them up.


The dry weather has been hard on the grass but the chickens look good from not having muddy feet all the time.


Feral Lenny hanging out by the chickens.

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Internet Burnout and blog Neglect


After years of using the internet, I got burned out and discouraged from changes that sites constantly do.

There are so many social sites and other sites that need other sites to do business with so many passwords and emails, places to store photos.  It just eats time and causes a big bum.

Some sites I had put a ton of work into to make some income, were sold or changed the way they do things that ruin it for those making money there. So many!

Even this one started putting ads right into the posts. And they are not always proper ads. Please dont think I am putting them there!

Recently Photobucket going off the hook with greed with out warning, totally destroyed several of my blogs.

Also people all over just becoming mean.

I have really backed away from the internet as much as possible.

So excuse me for being really far behind.

I hope to do some updates.

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2015 Holiday Family Card of Tiny Pearl Cat

We Didn’t get enough cards printed up, so I will post this here. Plus I dont have everyone’s address anyways. It is too big to load on twitter.

This is our family. Happy holidays!

card w print and names pearl

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Humans! Close your Laptops

Ma closed her laptop, put a blankie on it for me and sat with me for a long time.

Humans, remember to take some time out for your babies.

Relaxing on the laptop with Bertie from Kolo and my Kiwi from Rumblepurr. After the photo was taken, I fell asleep. They said I was snoring.

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Water Fountain for Pearl Cat

OMC I have been so bad about my bloggy!

Pepi asked for me to at least add a thankful pic.

best gift Ma ever got for me!

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Thankful for Natural Balance Giving food to CASA Shelter

This is soooocool!

I had entered a contest put up by Tillman the skateboarding dog for Natural Balance. I am a great jumper and do lots of tricks, so I entered one of my videos. Well I won 1000 lbs of food for my local shelter.

It took a awhile and I thought they were just gonna send coupons, but Natural Balance went all out and sent 2 pallets of dog noms to the nice animal shelter here on the island.
Here is the note from Martha:
Thanks so much. The Natural Balance Pet Food arrived at CASA today from “Who Let the Dogs Out Donation”.
We received 40 bags – 25# Alpha Dog – Trout, Salmon Meal, Whitefish Formula Dog Food
140 – 8 oz Lamb and Rice Rolls
300 8 oz Healthy Bones Lamb, Quinoa, Carrot Small Breed Dog Treats
240 14 oz, Brown Rice and Lamb Meal Formula Dog Treats
Here are two pictures showing the pallets as they arrived and the shelter staff unloading the food.
We appreciate your contribution.
Here are the pics:

2 pallets of dog noms

Workers unloading pallets

CASA is short for Camano Animal Shelter Association. Camano is an island in Washington state between the main land and Whidbey Island.  A lot more people live here than you realize and so do critters. CASA takes really great care of animals in need here.

I am so thrilled, that really helps them out! So thankful to Natural Balance, Tillman and Cokie. It made this whole year fantastic!

Now to find a cat litter contest. MOL

Thank you for checkin it out.

Join in the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

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Quiz Prize for Nipclub Monthly Catnip Island Water Park

Prize for the next #Nipclub Monthly August 11 -12 Catnip Island water park

Perhaps you missed Blogpaws? Ma and flat I gathered some extras from BlogPaws, we still have a couple things left to share.

Also @bijntje was here in our area, so @SeattleP, flat me and others met up with him and his family in Seattle. They brought us souveniers from Holland and had extra. I told them I would put them up as a prize.

Here is what you will get in this prize:

Sample of Furminator Shampoo

Beneful squeeky tennis ball

Holland coasters with windmills

plain wood Holland clogs key chain… Continued

Bertie from @Kolo_Martin assisting

Also for who ever wins, they have the choice of having Ma paint something on the bare wood shoes.

One more thing.  We just harvested some catnip and it will be dry in time for the pawty.

So also included will be a super fresh pack of dry ground catnip.

But wait meow!!

Just added a new dog toy from PetsMart and a dog bone shaped carabeener keychain.

Thank you *pawhugs*

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Catnip Plunge Wordless Wednesday

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop Badge

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