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2015 Holiday Family Card of Tiny Pearl Cat

We Didn’t get enough cards printed up, so I will post this here. Plus I dont have everyone’s address anyways. It is too big to load on twitter.

This is our family. Happy holidays!

card w print and names pearl

Posted by: motorpurrr | November 26, 2012

Humans! Close your Laptops

Ma closed her laptop, put a blankie on it for me and sat with me for a long time.

Humans, remember to take some time out for your babies.

Relaxing on the laptop with Bertie from Kolo and my Kiwi from Rumblepurr. After the photo was taken, I fell asleep. They said I was snoring.

Posted by: motorpurrr | November 16, 2012

Water Fountain for Pearl Cat

OMC I have been so bad about my bloggy!

Pepi asked for me to at least add a thankful pic.

best gift Ma ever got for me!

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Thankful for Natural Balance Giving food to CASA Shelter

This is soooocool!

I had entered a contest put up by Tillman the skateboarding dog for Natural Balance. I am a great jumper and do lots of tricks, so I entered one of my videos. Well I won 1000 lbs of food for my local shelter.

It took a awhile and I thought they were just gonna send coupons, but Natural Balance went all out and sent 2 pallets of dog noms to the nice animal shelter here on the island.
Here is the note from Martha:
Thanks so much. The Natural Balance Pet Food arrived at CASA today from “Who Let the Dogs Out Donation”.
We received 40 bags – 25# Alpha Dog – Trout, Salmon Meal, Whitefish Formula Dog Food
140 – 8 oz Lamb and Rice Rolls
300 8 oz Healthy Bones Lamb, Quinoa, Carrot Small Breed Dog Treats
240 14 oz, Brown Rice and Lamb Meal Formula Dog Treats
Here are two pictures showing the pallets as they arrived and the shelter staff unloading the food.
We appreciate your contribution.
Here are the pics:

2 pallets of dog noms

Workers unloading pallets

CASA is short for Camano Animal Shelter Association. Camano is an island in Washington state between the main land and Whidbey Island.  A lot more people live here than you realize and so do critters. CASA takes really great care of animals in need here.

I am so thrilled, that really helps them out! So thankful to Natural Balance, Tillman and Cokie. It made this whole year fantastic!

Now to find a cat litter contest. MOL

Thank you for checkin it out.

Join in the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

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Quiz Prize for Nipclub Monthly Catnip Island Water Park

Prize for the next #Nipclub Monthly August 11 -12 Catnip Island water park

Perhaps you missed Blogpaws? Ma and flat I gathered some extras from BlogPaws, we still have a couple things left to share.

Also @bijntje was here in our area, so @SeattleP, flat me and others met up with him and his family in Seattle. They brought us souveniers from Holland and had extra. I told them I would put them up as a prize.

Here is what you will get in this prize:

Sample of Furminator Shampoo

Beneful squeeky tennis ball

Holland coasters with windmills

plain wood Holland clogs key chain… Continued

Bertie from @Kolo_Martin assisting

Also for who ever wins, they have the choice of having Ma paint something on the bare wood shoes.

One more thing.  We just harvested some catnip and it will be dry in time for the pawty.

So also included will be a super fresh pack of dry ground catnip.

But wait meow!!

Just added a new dog toy from PetsMart and a dog bone shaped carabeener keychain.

Thank you *pawhugs*

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Catnip Plunge Wordless Wednesday

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop Badge

Posted by: motorpurrr | May 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday Lulu Bell Blogpaws Blog Hop

Lulu Bell

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop Badge

So cool! I am a finalist for the Nose-to-Nose awards at Blogpaws. This year Ma is finally going. She will make a flat me and take along some of my plushies we have recieved from dear Twitter friends. She is excited to learn some great blog tips, and stuff about pet products. Plus meet friends from Twitter and more.

If you love animals and blogging, this is a must. Top speakers in the social, pet and blog industry. Your pets are also allowed 🙂

Anyways, Here is my note from Blogpaws:
Congratulations on being a finalist in the BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Social Media Pet Blogging Awards!!…

Your Twitter page for @TinyPearlCat is a finalist in the Best Twitter Design category!
As a finalist you receive 1 free BlogPaws 2012 conference pass.


I did already get a pass, but this maybe purrrfect as Pa may go too. He might like to see Tillman and Norman of Natural balance and eat the special lunch and formal dinner, they will have.

But if Pa decides not to go. I will have an extra pass.

About my Twitter background.. there is a Sectret Treasure hidden. Go check it out HERE

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Cute Baboon from Kolo Martin

A good friend of mine on Twitter, @Kolo_martin said to me a few weeks ago, ” I think you are ready to adopt a baboon”

So excited!

Kolo Martin makes sure plushie baboons get homes within our anipal friends. So wonderful.

CLICK HERE to see Kolo’s bloggy.

He got in just last Friday, May 18th.


OH his name is Bertie.  Here is is gonna show me how he writes.


With my tail around him, he tells me all about the crazy trip thru the post office system.

I just saw on Twitter that they are planning a baboon pawty. Should be fun!

Ma will take Bertie, Kiwi from Rumblepurr, giant mouse from Isagold, flat Jeego and flat me with her to Blogpaws next month. Meanwhile I will make my sweet plushies a page here.

Posted by: motorpurrr | March 15, 2012

I won I won Fine Natrual Balance Noms for Pet Shelter

OMC I cant belive I didnt post this yet!

Ma has kept me busy latley.

I won a blog hop contest that I entered with my fetching skills.

I get some noms for me, but more important 1000 Lbs for my favorite no-kill animal shelter.

Here is their first post saying I won WOOOHOOOMEOW!

Then here it the other post after they found the shelter I picked was a no-kill. SWEEEET!

I picked Camano Island Animal Shelter(CASA)  They are no-kill and take great care of the animals. They also helped us when we had an overflow of feral kittens one year. Ma helps them with a few fund raisers and loves going in to play with the kittens.

So excited!

Here some pics from Tillman’s site.

Tillman is a super talented bulldog that is the mascot for Natural Balance pet foods. He has started his own show on Animal Planet that features other talented animals. Many you have probably seen on TV or Youtube.

To celebrate being on TV he has some contests going on where you can win food and other goodies like a skate board. Be sure to check it often CLICK HERE to see.

Thank you Tillman, Natural Balance and Mr. Vanpatten for the noms. Looking forward to it!

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